Saturday, 7 May 2011

Too much Worrying


Yesterday was a funny kind of day. I felt a little strange not worrying about food. But then I was worrying. I was worrying about not worrying. And I think i'll be worrying about not worrying for a while. I think this is a natural phase to go through. I kept having this ongoing battle in my head between the side that said pick healthy foods and the side that said eat what you want. I tried so hard to listen to when I was hungry yesterday. I did ok. I only ate lunch and dinner. I bought a pizza and ate it with the bf. We watched a movie. He had already had dinner (you know how hungry boys are!), so he said the pizza was for me but I ate half and left the rest so he nibbled. We also had some sweets which I managed to enjoy but not stuff my face with. I just felt though that I was very concious of what I was doing. I felt a bit silly thinking so much.

Today I got up and knew I wasn't hungry. It was so hard to not eat breakfast out of habit. But I did some other things. Did some painting :) and then 2 hours later I discovered I was hungry. So I ate breakfast at 11 even although I have been up since 9ish. Progress.

I have some things to get done today. So i'll be back later.

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